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Flexible Braided Metal Hoses for Gas & Liquid Transfer Applications

Flexible braided metal hose is a kind of stainless steel braided metal hose. The inner layer is non-braided corrugated metal hose, and outer layer is stainless steel wire braided (usually 1 or 2 layers braided, depending on pressure requirement). This structure ensures it can transfer high pressure of the medium.

It is widely used various gas and liquid transfer applications as it can withstand extreme temperature and high pressure. It has a minimum operation temperature low of -200 °C and a maximum operating pressure of +600 °C.

Our flexible braided metal hoses are manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO 10380 standard. The metal hose Inner diameter ranges from 6 mm to 250 mm and pressure capacity ranges from 300 PSI WP to 2500 PSI WP.

Many flexible braided metal hoses are displayed.

Flexible braided metal hose

Braided Metal Hose Features

Flexible metal hose application

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