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End fittings and flanges for flexible metal hoses

End fittings and flanges are welded to the braided hoses. They are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze or other materials as required. During welding, the temperature will change the properties of the hose and braid materials. It is necessary to consider the specific application before selecting the end fittings and flanges. Make sure they are suitable for the pressure, temperature, media and other related factors.

End fittings and flanges

End fittings and flanges

End fittings for flexible metal hose

Drawings listed below is just for illustration purposes. For more detailed information, please contact us.

1/2 in. male pipe threaded to 3/8 in. male pipe thread

Male pipe thread (NPTF)

Double female pipe fitting with the same size

Female pipe thread - NPT

1/2 in. female pipe union, chrome plated brass coupling

male pipe union

Female pipe swivel, forged, carbon steel

Female pipe swivel

Typical Flanges for flexible metal hoses

Convex welded neck fixed flange with a neck of transition, used in high pressure pipeline

Convex Welded Neck Fixed Flange

Lap joint flange made of stainless steel 321, 304, 316L, 1/2 in. to 48 in.

Lap Joint Flange

Stainless steel fixed slip-on flange, size 1/2 in. through 48 in.

Fixed Slip-on Flange

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